9 Jan

Coaching Celebrities

I have clients that still call me periodically for coaching that used this cell phone years ago. They like knowing that I’m just a call away if they need me. Several of these clients would probably have names that you might recognize, and don’t use a coach on a regular basis, but if the need arises, they know I’m there.

I’ve spent a large part of my career working with and for celebrities. Whether I marketing for them, do PR for them or consult and coaching with the them, I’ve made a part of my career working in that market. As a result, I’ve gotten to know many agents, publicists and Event Planners.

I also coach individuals in business. Right now, it seems that a large bulk of my clients are in new jobs, businesses or about to make a transition. I don’t work by contract, only on an as needed basis. Some of my clients show up every week. Others are clients that are only once a month. I’m flexible because my clients are busy. So am I, and I’m fine with them rescheduling with me a day in advance.

I started coaching this way because the high profile clients that I served couldn’t meet on a regular basis. They were traveling or unavailable at normal business times so I made allowances for them. As my business and experience grew, I found that working with high profile types was going to be different than a traditional client that may be.

I work on a project basis with many of these high profile types. Some of them are high level executives, besides celebrities and I’m there as a personal consultant that they call upon for many different issues. Most of them found me through the communication coaching that I provide and we’ve kept the relationship going through the years. Whenever they call I merely write it down and keep a log. I usually bill once a month. On projects, I’ll estimate a cost for the project and always try to come in under the estimate.

I have clients that will fly in for the day and for that, my fees are a bit higher than on the phone. It’s a concentrated coaching session that can deal with family issues to creating a work out schedule or recreating a brand or speech. We’ve discovered projects to create that they can market and we’ve written the outline of books.

I noticed right up front that celebrities are keenly aware that people try to make a buck off of them so I actually charge them less in some cases. Regardless, overestimating the bill is the way to go, and they always appreciate the financial break. I learned this early on when I had a repeat customer and I sent a bill that she questioned. She didn’t feel that I had put in that much time with her so I told her that I had struggled with the bill myself because the project was so “off and on”. So, I told her to rip up my invoice and to pay me what she thought she should. I got a nice check in the mail that was just a little bit less than I had originally charged and it had a nice note attached. It was definitely the right decision because I’ve continued to coach this person here and there over the last many years.

Coaching high profile types are a great gig if you can get it. But don’t make the mistake of holding to your exact requirements or you might lose a client in the process. The ones that I know appreciate my willingness to be flexible with my schedule and to reschedule if something else comes up. I’m fair with the money and I always try to deliver more than promised.

I love the coaching people who are successful, energetic and ambitious. They never refuse a challenge and they’re always up for new ideas. They appreciate others who are hard working like them.

That is why I keep my cell phone number the same. Being available to these people is the name of the game.

Copied with permission from: http://plrplr.com/63469/coaching-celebrities/

9 Jan

Are Celebrities Happy

What is happiness? Happiness means a sense of deep contentment. A cheerful outlook. An attitude of positive thoughts. A person who has these qualities is happy during all the times of the day.

How about celebrities then? They have name, fame and wealth. They can, not only buy whatever they desire, but they can also buy a loved one. They can buy anything. Their name is splashed around in the media most of the times. Every news about them is awaited by the general population. Celebrities may not have been born with a silver spoon in the mouth, but the current spoon is mostly that of gold. So they must be happy!

But sadly, happiness is away from most of them. Speaking of contentment, most of them are not only not feeling any contentment, but are frustrated. They are jealous at times. And they have no deep sense of peace in them. Rather their life and minds are full of turbulence most of the times. They are at times so dissatisfied with their own life that they wish to run away from themselves. This they cannot do, and therefore substances that take them away from their own realities are so often used by them.

Happiness has something to do with money, but only to an extent. Happiness has nothing to do with fame, if you are not satisfied with yourself. Whatever the world may say, unless one has self-esteem, one can never be happy. All of us sail in the same boat. Most of us are living unhappy lives most of the time. Let us get happiness that will give us a satisfied sense of living. Let us strive for happiness in our own inner world.

Copied with permission from: http://plrplr.com/63504/are-celebrities-happy/

10 Aug

Talk Resurfaces that Obama is Buying Rancho Mirage Home

If the rumors are true, here are some property listings the president should 

Old rumors that Barack and Michelle Obama are looking at property in the golf-mecca of Rancho Mirage, California, have resurfaced among realtors in the Coachella Valley.

Agents who spoke to Mansion Global couldn’t confirm that it’s a done deal, but they did say that a friend of the first family, Michael S. Smith, who lives in town, has looked into properties in Rancho Mirage in recent years. And if the Obamas were going to purchase a new pad they would likely buy it under an alias or LLC for security reasons.

Over the years, the Obamas have taken a number of trips to the desert resort city, where they’ve visited Mr. Smith, an interior designer who has decorated the Oval Office and the White House dining room, and his partner James Costos, the current ambassador to Spain.

There were once reports in 2014 (now debunked) that the Obamas bought a home in the same gated enclave as Mr. Smith, an exclusive neighborhood called Thunderbird Heights. But the rumored seven-bedroom home actually sold to a Nebraska couple, according to property records from Riverside County.

When news swirled two years ago, the White House press office denied the rumors, calling them “false.” Earlier this week, a spokeswoman said the White House had no comment.

A public relations representative for Mr. Smith did not return requests for comment.

If it turns out Mr. Obama is still in the market for a Rancho Mirage home, there’s plenty of grand and secluded properties in the neighborhood. Here’s some eye candy if you haven’t yet made your mind up, Mr. President:

PRICE: $9.75 million


BATHROOMS: 9 bathrooms

SIZE: 5,744 square feet

The listing describes this house as “The Playground of Presidents,” pointing out that many celebrity parties and fundraisers have been held in the main house’s wine room. Like most other homes in the area, there’s a seamless blending of interiors and exteriors, and that exterior happens to include ponds, an infinity pool, gardens, a tennis court and more. The 2.4-acre property has a main home and two guest houses, so the Obamas would have plenty of room to entertain overnight guests who might appreciate a less formal setting than the White House.

PRICE: $12.995 million


BATHROOMS: 6 full bathrooms, four half-baths

SIZE: 15,300 square feet

If the Obamas want to show off a little, this house, the most expensive currently listed for sale in Rancho Mirage would be the way to do it. The Mediterranean-style home, named Casa Bella, likely offers the right amount of privacy a former president and his family, seeing as it’s set in a guard-gated community. Built just four years ago, it’s got an elevator and five-car garage, and sits on resort-like grounds with a firepit, mosaic-tiled pool, and nine-hole putting green.

PRICE: $3.795 million


BATHROOMS: 4 full bathrooms, two half-bathrooms

SIZE: 6,371  square feet

Part of the Mirada Estates gated community, this house has some seriously stunning views of the city, the desert and the valley thanks to zero obstructions. Mr. and Mrs. Obama could enjoy their master bedroom with his/her bathrooms and a gym (we figure the fitness-minded couple would appreciate that). There’s also a covered outdoor entertaining area with misters, space heaters and a kitchen. There’s a pool spa and cascading water features, which the first family will likely appreciate using 12 months a year. That sure beats Washington, D.C. or Chicago in the winter.

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